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Sina Tarabar Part (STP) company is an importer and exporter of livestock and poultry feeds in Iran.

STP operates in the field of pulses, grains, dried nuts, organic food, feed and oil seeds setting the principals of managing the supply chain efficiently to deliver the products to our meal.


The biggest capital of STP is dynamic human resource. Growing operationally stronger in domestic and global markets in line with the process of institutionalization.
The first policy of our company is to be a single source for all our clients’ goods and services requirements. To respond fast, to offer the best with best conditions and to complete supply process with top quality and best competitiveness is an integral part of our policy. Keeping our customers updated about the latest developments in their fields and promoting latest technology products and services, bringing them together with the experts to share know how, is one of the important parts of our customer satisfaction policy. To serve with top quality, we use the benefits of technology of our age and invest as much as necessary. This has been one of the main aspects of our company over 20 years.
With experience in the livestock and poultry sector, STP is the largest trading company in Iran which adds value to livestock and poultry Feeds with managing the supply chain efficiently. STP imports, exports and ships world renowned corporations products all around the world.